2029 Century Park East, Suite 1500
Los Angeles, 90067
California, USA
Bonnavedda Entertainment LLC is a Los Angeles based Danish / American Film Production Company founded and owned by Kristina Korsholm & David Sakurai in 2020.
As filmmakers, they have both been successful bridge builders in cross cultured productions in US, Europe and Asia.
At Bonnavedda we consider the story ‘King’. We want to tell stories that are so good they need to be told and we are proud to have a solid network of innovative and seasoned international filmmakers we collaborate with.
Mission Statement
Bonnavedda Entertainment LLC is established to continue to create and produce projects with wide international appeal. Whether it’s commercial feature film and TV, edgy art-house, documentarian narratives or the progressive field of science and innovative technology.
Through collaborations with both established and the new generation of filmmakers, Bonnavedda’s slate includes a highly artistic genre variety of productions.
While we acknowledge that the movie industry is a business, the backbone of Bonnavedda is that a work of art and a work of commerce can be successfully combined in the same project without sacrificing ambitions on either side of the aisle.

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